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At last, a shot at Guinness World Record fame!

28 May

The Guinness Book of World Records has *always* held a sense of allure for me ever since childhood.

So it’s with great excitement that I actually get to take part in one and you can too!  The Firefox community is banding together around the launch of Firefox 3 to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours.  Launch day is some time in June so check out Download Day Headquarters and pledge to download Firefox 3.

As soon as Firefox 3 goes out the door the clock will start ticking for downloads.  There is no guarantee that we’ll make the book or their website, but we have a better shot at it if we organize some wacky Download Fests and document them.  Get creative and tag your photos and videos with “Firefox 3 World Record.”  We’ll be pulling an all-nighter here at Mozilla with food and fun!  Details to come…

Pulling this together has been a huge and worldwide effort — we’ve launched the site in 10 languages! I want to extend special thanks to:


  • Guillermo Movia


  • Marcio Galli
  • Bruno Magrani


  • Jack Guo
  • Jia Mi
  • Bin Sun
  • Wendy Zhao


  • Pascal Chevrel
  • Cedric Corazza
  • Alix Franquet
  • Anne-Julie Ligneau


  • Carsten Book
  • Henrik Skupin
  • Abdulkadir Topal


  • Anant Narayanan


  • Elisabetta Manuele
  • Giuliano Masseroni


  • Daisuke Akatsuka
  • Dynamis
  • Gen Kanai
  • Eri Inoue
  • Kaori Negoro
  • Piro
  • Kohei Yoshino


  • Xavier Baez
  • Alexandro Colorado


  • Zbigniew Braniecki (Gandalf)
  • Stanislaw Malolepszy
  • Katarzyna Stawarz


  • Vitaly Piryatinsky
  • Alexander L. Slovesnik


  • Guillermo Lopez Leal
  • Ricardo Palomares Martinez
  • The NAVE project
  • Nukeador


  • Bob Hrdinksy


  • David Tenser

United Kingdom:

  • Jane Finette

United States:

  • Harvey Anderson
  • Catherine Brady
  • Alex Buchanan
  • Ryan Doherty
  • Stephen Donner
  • Justin Fitzhugh
  • Paul Kim
  • Ken Kovash
  • Reed Loden
  • Nicole Loux
  • Mike Morgan
  • The Nobox team
  • Ulili Onovakpuri
  • Jeremy Orem
  • Jay Patel
  • Chris Pollet
  • Alex Polvi
  • Tim Riley
  • David Rolnitzky
  • Tara Shahian
  • Melissa Shapiro
  • Rebecca Silliman
  • John Slater

The man in my life…

21 May

My number one perk at Mozilla (or some might say curse) has been my cat Ed. Johnny Stenback, one of our engineers, found Ed abandoned on a Fremont road last March. I naively replied to an all office email offering to take Ed in sight unseen. He is a charming, mischievous little devil who drives me crazy with his antics (chimney climbing, door opening, kitchen ransacking, etc.). I love him most when he is curled up in the sun, asleep and therefore incapable of trouble — at least temporarily. Feast your eyes on his cuteness.

Ed in repose

Mozilla Bike to Work Day

19 May

Two of my great passions — Mozilla & biking — came together last week for the Bay Area Bike to Work Day.*  w00t! We had 14 riders tricked out in Firefox jerseys coming from all over the place or roughly 10% of the company — a huge success if you ask me.  It just happened that Bike to Work Day coincided with a heat wave though.  Rolo of Giant Spatula fame and I met up at 6 a.m. in Golden Gate park and it was already hot!  He dropped me at the Great Highway, but kindly waited for me in Woodside for the home stretch 🙂  Karen, our amazing office manager, had a pretty fabulous spread for us when we all rolled in sweaty and in my case broken.

Team Firefox.  Photo courtesy of Lukas Blakk.

It’s interesting wearing the jersey.  People are really, really excited to see it and usually shout words of encouragement and praise for Firefox.  It’s pretty cool…but I do have to say that I feel a certain responsibility when wearing it.  Primarily, no taunting nor swearing which is what I am apt to do on two wheels.  Or when I am holding on at the back of the pack for dear life, cracked and exhausted, I have a tendency to go radio silent.  Can’t exactly be incommunicative when people are yelling how much Firefox rocks.

I hope to keep this up with the Moz crew on a weekly basis and frankly, it’s probably better that I break my nasty swearing habits!  It was a ton of fun 🙂

*In case you wondered, Ed my cat is up there as well!

Chicks who Click: Part Deux

19 May

Two years ago I started this blog…as you can see I didn’t get very far!  I am finally revisiting and getting this puppy going.  So bear with this slightly generic design and other glitches.  I’ll get the hang of it 🙂

A little about me…My name is Mary Colvig and I have been working with Mozilla for over three years and LOVE it.  When I ‘m not helping set a world record, I love to ride my bike, chill with my cat and train for marathons.  Well…love is a strong word for that!