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From the vault: Our first 50 million

11 Feb

We surpassed 50 million Firefox 3.6 downloads and thought it would be fun to dig up a few things from the archives. We celebrated our first 50 million downloads (April 2005)  with commemorative coins designed by volunteer Jamey Boje!

Who has one? I never actually got one!

Meanwhile students at Oregon State University “Took back the sidewalk” with a huge chalk drawing of the Firefox logo.

Our dear Polvi is somewhere in there!

Any other fun memories?

Help wanted: Growing marketing contribution

11 Feb

As we near 50 million downloads of Firefox 3.6 it’s a good time to reflect on the role our community has played to promote and spread Mozilla and Firefox —  it’s been critical!  The community marketing team’s main focus for early 2010 is to grow this amazing marketing contribution.  Primarily, we’re working to create new learning opportunities and ways to contribute, develop roles, create tools to help you promote and means of recognition.

To kick things off, we’re surveying community that have been promoting Mozilla to gather some basic information: what sort of promotion people do and want to do, where they’re located, the number of total volunteer marketeers and more.  We could use your help filling out our short survey.

Please fill out the survey if you:

  • evangelize any aspect of Mozilla
  • participate in or host Mozilla or Firefox events
  • promote Mozilla or Firefox on your blog, website or twitter
  • promote Mozilla or Firefox at your school or your work site
  • participate in the marketing mailing list
  • join our bi-weekly calls
  • participate in our Campus Reps program

Feel free to share this survey with anyone you think would be appropriate —
people in your region or who you work with on other parts of the Mozilla

We’ve got some busy Personas designers!

10 Feb

Drum roll please….we’re up to 50,000 Firefox Personas“Peace and Calm” was the magic 50,000th Persona.  What better way to celebrate the hard work of our Personas designers than by showcasing your favorite?  It’s not too late…just add your pic to our Flickr pool! (Note:  turns out that “personas” is a very popular tag on Flickr.)

Here are some of my favorites…

kevingo75 showing off Firefox Robot

Regnard Raquedan dons the Minefield Persona

Bob Chao's wearing his own design Sunny Foxymosa

2 weeks, 37 million downloads

5 Feb

Wow!  Once again launch was a blast and a little surreal — keep in mind I’m the sentimental type.  It was my first launch away with me working in the Paris office.  I had to pause for a sec and take it in:  I’m watching the launch on Air Mozilla, sitting next to the greatest colleagues in Paris, and chatting/collaborating with folks in Bosnia, Chile, Macedonia, the U.K., Italy, Germany, and countless other places.   Not too long ago I remember hearing about this whippersnapper of a browser (Firefox 1.0) and never dreamed I’d be contributing with such a great, passionate group of people.

As we’re wrapping up the 3.6 launch it would be helpful to see any great blog posts, reviews or stories on Firefox 3.6. Take a second to fill out our launch tracker with any good stuff you’ve found on Firefox 3.6 or you’ve done yourself. Thanks!