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Catch our first rapid release launch live!

21 Jun

Just three months ago we launched Firefox 4 and we’re at it again as part of our new rapid release cycle. Tomorrow, June 21st, we’ll launch the next version of Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android!

If you’d like to catch it live and learn more about the new Firefox, and our rapid release process and what it means, join us on Air Mozilla at 6:45 a.m. PDT to 8:00 a.m. PDT.  We’ll be taking questions in #airmozilla on, as well as on Twitter (please use the hashtag #airmoz).

You can also join us via phone:

  • +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)

Looking forward to tomorrow and marking this special milestone for Mozillians!  As an added bonus – not that our scintillating broadcast needs more – we’ll be giving out shirts to some viewers.

Firefox 5 and you

14 Jun

Next week will mark the first release for us in our new rapid release cycle – huzzah!  We’ll be launching Firefox 5 for both desktop and mobile on June 21st.  This will also mean a special edition of Air Mozilla, providing a look at what went into shifting our release cycle and offer a chance for you to ask questions.  I’ll post shortly with the timing and details, but please note anyone you’d like to hear from in the comments below.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s Mozilla project call we’ll also host a community marketing call tomorrow, June 15th at 10 a.m., on Firefox 5. We’ll cover what’s important about this release, the different ways to get involved in promoting this milestone and brainstorm a few ideas.  Details can be found here.

I’d be remiss in not addressing the question of launch parties.  By no means do I want to discourage anyone from hosting a launch party.  Please feel free to get together fellow Mozillians and Firefox fans! However, with this new quarterly release cadence it will be a challenge both financially and logistically to provide swag for hundreds of parties every three months.  One idea we’ve kicked around is to shift the focus from marking the launches and releases to Firefox’s birthday, other anniversaries or major milestones or to kick off/wrap up major campaigns. I’m completely open to ideas and don’t shy away from celebrations so share your thoughts below.

Update: Spread Firefox is taking a breather

1 Jun

Today we took Spread Firefox offline as I shared earlier.  I want to thank everyone that has worked hard on Spread Firefox over the years.  When it took off in 2004, it was truly innovative as a social network and organizing ground for our grassroots marketing efforts.

This doesn’t mean we’re turning our backs on community-driven marketing.  In fact, it’s stronger and more in-depth than ever with over 300 people joining our Firefox 4 launch team and over 4 million supporters on Facebook.  If you’d like to help out with our efforts, you can  get in touch and find opportunities on our Get Involved page.  You can also grab Firefox site buttons for your blog or website here.  Users coming to Spread Firefox will be redirected to this Get Involved page and the new button page.  Stay tuned for a banner that will notify users of this change when redirected.