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Kick the tires on the new Spread Firefox!

27 Mar

We’ve come a long way with the Spread Firefox redesign thanks to a great team! We’re gearing up to push it live in April, but could use your critical eye on the staged site! (note: you’ll get a warning that the site identity is unverified because we’re using self-signed certificates — just add an exception and you’ll be able to view the  staging site).  I have recapped the major changes on Spread Firefox.

A few things to note about the staged redesign:

  • We’re still working on the Top Fox/Affiliate tracking
  • Some of the content (events, discussion topics, affiliate buttons, etc) differs from production as production & stage aren’t sync’d
  • There is a lot of new documentation (Getting Started, FAQ, Quick Wins and more) where we could use your eyes
  • We’ve moved from “groups” to “projects” so you’ll notice this change in the menu and elsewhere
  • Here is a list of the redesign-related bugs

Please feel free to file bugs, comment below or pop into #spreadfirefox on if you find anything off.    Thanks!

Online Chat: Using Mozilla for Good

3 Mar

As I mentioned last week, Social Actions has put out a challenge to build new ways to connect people and opportunities to do good on the Web.   They’ve already received four submissions!   To keep inspiration flowing, Social Actions has kicked off a series of online chats.  Our own Suneel Gupta and Zak Greant will be participating in tomorrow’s “How Can Mozilla Empower Nonprofits and Movements” at 11 a.m. PST.   In true using-the-Web-for-good fashion, the conversation will be hosted online and is free to all.

Hope you can join to pepper them with questions and ideas!


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