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A Green(er) Christmas Tree

5 Dec

rented_treeI’ve been hunting around for a guilt-free Christmas tree solution and hadn’t really found anything that rang my bell.  As a city dweller, where in the world would I plant a live tree?  And, who knows what goes into making plastic trees!  The cardboard trees are pretty cute, but they’re not green – literally.  They’re more of a “drab” color as Craig’s dad would say.

Thanks to Derek Gordon for dishing up a great idea on his “Daily Casserole“!  Friends of the Urban Forest and SF Environment have a great promotion now where you can take in a tree for the holidays that will then end up planted in San Francisco.  They do all the dirty work too – I just placed my order!

Now we just have to keep Ed the cat from demolishing it…he loves his “greens.”

When Internet memes and moms collide…

14 Oct

Since it became apparent that my husband was going to keep me around for a while his mom kindly added me to her email forward list.  As if 10 forwards a day from my mom weren’t enough 😉  Moms are crazy for them!  Jean (Craig’s mom) and Big Mary’s (my mom) forwards run the gamut of:

  • Sisterhood: Sister day is every day!
  • Get rich schemes: Hey girls – Let’s see if this works! Bill Gates will pay you for forwarding this email!
  • Any and every cute animal picture out there…especially the cross species friendships:  The crow & kitten was a big hit.
  • The Irish Blessing:  Why save it for St. Patrick’s day?!  Just keep on sending it – every other day preferably!
  • Why women are better than men:  Heck, these are always welcome 😉
  • Cat diary vs. dog diary:  This one has been hitting my in-box since ’98.
  • …and more!

But today was a true milestone…I came upon a “Fwd:” from Jean.  All sarcasm aside it was cute to see how delighted everyone was by it.  What will they discover next?!

Technology in the wedding place

20 Aug

Melissa Shapiro did a great write up on how she used Firefox to plan her wedding, but I wanted to take a look at the fun ways we incorporated technology on wedding day.

Move over disposable cameras!

We bought three Flip video cameras for people to have fun with and hopefully capture the ceremony and some of the toasts.  This sounded more “us.”  The only downside to this DIY approach is that we still have to shift through all the video ourselves and hone our editing skills.  However, I think our friends were thankful to not have a camera shoved in their faces asking for advice or best wishes for the bride and groom.


Our friend Pat offered to crowdsource photos from our guests and stream them in realtime at the wedding.  I’d done the alpha version (if you could even call it that) at Mozilla’s 2007 OSCON party, but it meant me handing over my media card to JustDave every ten minutes.  Pat’s EventPod setup provided guests with WiFi-enabled media cards.  During the toasts it was pretty surreal to see photos appear on the screen as they were being taken from different perspectives.  The best thing about it all was that Pat aggregated all these photos for us!

My very own geek squad

My very own geek squad

Photo Booth 2.0

We had a photo booth at the SF Mozilla Anniversary party and it was a ton of fun.  I knew I wanted one at my wedding — this was probably the only thing I was particular about.  I went with Jeff Lim of Big Screen Photo — while his booth wasn’t old school it had an open setup so we could check out some of the antics.  I also got a cd with all the photos and a pretty awesome guest book out of the deal.  I plan on doing something fun with the pix Jeff provided…stay tuned.

Hamming it up with cousin Lee

Hamming it up with cousin Lee

Working technology into the wedding was a little more my speed than picking out cocktail napkins!


11 Aug

Craig and I tied the knot on July 12, 2008!  I was pretty lukewarm about going the whole wedding route and an even more reluctant wedding planner.  However, I have to say this grinch’s heart grew come wedding day.  It was pretty amazing to have our friends and family together and when it comes down to it, what girl doesn’t mind dressing up as a princess for the day?!  The wedding was so sweet and wonderful.

Cuttin a rug

Cuttin' a rug

After chilling out in Montecito, CA for a few days we headed off to hike around Mt. Blanc for 13 days, spending time in Italy, France and Switzerland.  A little aggressive for a honeymoon, but the scenery was off the hook!

Chillin in Italy with Mont Blanc in the background

Chillin' in Italy with Mont Blanc in the background

Foxy Sox

5 Jun

I rarely spend time thinking about what my socks look like. I pretty much wear running and bike socks for every occasion. Charming…I know. But these little suckers caught my eye a few years ago in San Diego and I snatched up the last few pairs for the Mozilla PR team.  Since then I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and “OMG, where did you get those?!” questions.  I finally got around to looking for them online.  They are adorable — enjoy!

The man in my life…

21 May

My number one perk at Mozilla (or some might say curse) has been my cat Ed. Johnny Stenback, one of our engineers, found Ed abandoned on a Fremont road last March. I naively replied to an all office email offering to take Ed in sight unseen. He is a charming, mischievous little devil who drives me crazy with his antics (chimney climbing, door opening, kitchen ransacking, etc.). I love him most when he is curled up in the sun, asleep and therefore incapable of trouble — at least temporarily. Feast your eyes on his cuteness.

Ed in repose