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Ready for your close up?

21 Nov

Are you a Firefox fan?  Or even better, a Personas fan?  If so, we’d like you to star in a video we’re creating to showcase Personas.  Here are the details:

  • Date:  Monday, November 23, 2009
  • Time:  12:00 p.m
  • Location:  Mozilla HQ, 650 Castro Street, Suite 300, Mountain View, CA 94041
  • Sign up sheet (create an account to add your name to the wiki or comment below to sign up)

Come as yourself – no fancy costumes needed – and meet other Firefox fans.  We’ll treat you to lunch and make it worth your while!  And, we promise none of these antics…

Jump up and Dance by Gary Pauck (Firefox Flicks)

Celebrating Five Wonderful Years!

9 Nov

Happy 5th Birthday Firefox! Over the last few days I’ve been struggling to distill what this awesome milestone means to me into a single post (Mitchell Baker and Chris Blizzard have some great thoughts).  I started working on a top 10 list, but last night as I started to see early pictures come in from Rome it was completely clear.  The community that has sprung around Mozilla and Firefox is hands down the most meaningful and absolutely incredible aspect of this anniversary.

One of my favorite Firefox Flicks “The Briefcase Syndicate” and the new Firefox video really illustrate the amazing power of our community.  We’re all part of a global network, connected by a shared passion and working together to better everyone’s Web experience.   It makes me a little weepy-eyed when I think about what we’ve been able to accomplish together and frankly, have fun while we’re doing it.  Chris Hofmann says it best:  I LOVE this community!

I won’t get all maudlin on you.  I’ll just close with a snapshot of the wonderfulness that has gone on in less than 24 hours…here’s to “Lighting the World with Firefox!”:

Happy B-day Firefox by lucerosama, The Phillipines

Firefox on the Roman Colesium - need I say more?

Gorjan Jovanovski blankets Skopje, Macedonia with billboards

Firefox + Traffic lights in Zulia, Venezuela courtesy of Alexander Salas

Abhinav Kishore's laptop in did he do this??


Firefox Cake in Sofia, Bulgaria designed by Bogo Shopov

How to light the world with Firefox

5 Nov

Last week I shared our goal to “Light the World with Firefox” for  the 5th anniversary of Firefox.  By popular demand I’m including some more information and inspiration to help you get started.

Mobile: Get the Firefox logo on your phone by visiting the “Light the world with Firefox” mobile page on your phone and take a picture.  (URL: Get a shot in front of a local landmark. Or, organize a bunch of friends at a Firefox party for a group picture.

The mobile team having fun!

Mash-Up: We’re looking for the most interesting ways you can combine Firefox and light…without setting anything on fire! had a recent campaign with a great example of light painting. Check out some other examples here.

Photo Credit: Peter Solness

Shadow & Light Play: We’ve created stencils that will help you project the Firefox logo on a wall. Use the stencils to create a cut out of the Firefox logo on black or very thick paper.  Tape colored film over the cutout for  fun effect.

Large logo & wordmark stencil

Please share any light-related Firefox artwork (posters, wallpapers, stencils and more) you create with the world by submitting them to our latest Mozilla Creative Collective Challenge.  At the same, please upload all videos and pictures of your handy work on Flickr with the tag “Firefox5″.  We’ll feature submissions on a special site launching on November 9th and the most creative actions will be rewarded with some cool Firefox swag.

Have a great idea?  Share below by commenting!