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MozCamp LATAM: ¡Gracias + Obrigado!

9 May

Thanks to everyone for joining us in Buenos Aires for a truly magical MozCamp.  As with all MozCamps, this was a team effort and I’d like to especially thank Katherine Naszradi, our track leads (Winston Bowden and Havi Hoffman) and the MozCamp planning committee (Guillermo Movia, Santiago Hollman, Nukeador, Reuben Morais, and Gloria Meneses).  This list could go on and on – it truly embodied the spirit of ¡De Todos. Para Todos!

In order to wrap up the event, we’d like to get a few minutes of your help with the following:
  • Survey:  If you attended, please take a few minutes to let us know how we can make MozCamp even better with this survey.
  • Slides:  Please post your slides on your talk proposal on the wiki.
What’s next?  We’re working to review and finalize locations and dates for upcoming MozCamps.  Current schedule is shaping up to be:
  • September: MozCamp Europe
  • November:  MozCamp Asia
  • December: MozCamp Africa + Middle East
Reminder: We’re not hosting a Summit in July as in past years, but have opted to host more MozCamps in region where our volunteers are.  MozCamps aim to reward core contributors, as well as mentor and train them to help us bring our products and initiatives to market and Grow Mozilla.  This won’t be a direct replacement for the Summit and unfortunately, not all paid staff will get to attend one.  However, it provides paid and volunteer staff a unique look at active local community — their challenges, their motivations, and a bit of their culture.  It also reinforces that Mozilla extends far beyond North America.
Stay tuned for specific dates and locations in the next few weeks, as well as how you can help shape these upcoming MozCamps. We’ve already gotten some great feedback on how to make them even more useful!

Firefox 3.6: A little love for the lemur

17 Dec

Mozilla has a long tradition of code naming Firefox versions after parks (i.e. Firefox 3.5 = Shiretoko).  The next version of Firefox happens to be named after Namoroka, a park in Madagascar.  Namoroka is also home to adorable lemurs – almost as cute as the Red Panda.   We’re celebrating the release of Firefox 3.6, by raising funds to make a gift to the namesake park. Support Namoroka is up and ready to accept donations.

Why are we doing this? Parks are a part of an important ecosystem for collaboration, recreation and commerce, much like the digital ecosystems we build through the Mozilla project. While we work to make the web better through products like Firefox, we can make the world a bit better by supporting parks like Namoroka.

How can you help?

  • Donate! We’re hoping to raise $10,000 to give to the Madagascar Fauna Group to help them improve their website and online fundraising, as well as support programs for protecting lemur habitats and stopping illegal lemur trapping.
  • Spread the word! Get your own Support Namoroka button and put it on your blog or website, tweet it and sing it from the rooftops and street corners while you’re at it.

We’ll be raising funds until the end of January 2010. More updates to come!  Many thanks to Ned Schwartz, Chelsea Novak, Brain Warren, Jamey Boje and David Boswell for making this happen.

Spread Firefox Redesign…comps just in!

10 Nov

I’ve had the opportunity to help guide a light redesign of the Spread Firefox home page.  The main goals are to really simplify the home page, make it more engaging and show some of the personality behind Firefox grassroots marketing.  We are also trying to make it a lot clearer for users on what to do and where to go next.  I’m working with The Royal Order, the folks behind the new, and they’ve provided some initial designs.

Comp 1:  This aims to be super straightforward and clear.

Comp 1 - SFx Redesign

Comp 1 - SFx Redesign

Comp 2:  The aim here is to showcase some personality and be more human.  The concept is a community board.

Comp 2 - SFx redesign

Comp 2 - SFx redesign

Comp 3:  This is actually a design from the redesign process.  It’s a little more futuristic, but also aims to show the folks behind Spread Firefox.

Comp 3 - SFx redesign

Comp 3 - SFx redesign

If you’d like to provide feedback please leave a comment or join our design review call tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 10th at 9:30 a.m. PST.  Dial-in is 650-903-0800, ext 92, id 248 or 800-707-2533, password 369, ext 92, id 248.

Events call tomorrow

8 Oct

Please join us tomorrow for our weekly events call at 10 a.m. PDT.  We have a lot to cover!  Dial-in is 650-903-0800, ext 91, id 248 or 800-707-2533, password 369, ext 91, id 248 and #events on

A foxy morning here at Mozilla!

23 Sep

Much to my delight, I got a package this morning from Atlanta with an adorable hand-painted fox vase.  It’s from a mystery Firefox fan named Ben who thought the Firefox team should have it.  Thanks, Ben!  It really made our day and I plan to place it in our awards cabinet downstairs!!

You rock, Ben!

You rock, Ben!

Help Mozilla Events on Spread Firefox!

22 Sep

As I mentioned in an earlier post I oversee the events program here at Mozilla.  With our community’s help we have a reach and presence that’s unparalleled for an organization of our size —  pretty amazing!  Just this week alone our localizer in Sri Lanka, Danishka Nevan, is representing Mozilla at a Software Freedom Day event at the University of Uwa and a group of students at the University of Michigan are huddling to brainstorm ways to redesign Firefox.

I’d like to make the Events home on SpreadFirefox a lot more engaging and useful for these folks.  I started a thread on Spread Firefox about redesigning the Events Hub.  Check it out and chime in!