Taking the LEAD

2 Jul

Ray Lewis’ seminal rally speech – “Leave your Legacy” – made it’s way across the Web recently as a lovely video. Not only did it make me nostalgic for life on the farm (and had me in near tears) – it was a good reminder to dedicate more energy to my participation in Mozilla’s LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development) program.

In Debbie Cohen's words (she's the instigator behind it): To Grow Mozilla we need great people, doing great things, in great ways. She and her team have pulled together Mozilla leaders to help hone our skills, knowledge and capabilities in our roles. While it's very focused on individual growth, it's intention is to better the project and bring out everyone’s “greatness.”

At the end of our first session we were asked to share what we’re leaving behind and stepping into to become better leaders. By sharing we’re also setting up accountability. I know this sounds hokey…so bear with me…but I decided to share mine here and get additional “witness”:

Leaving behind any passivity and bringing in the Mary that knocked out three Ironman races, an ultra and doesn’t take no for an answer or any crap.

While I look forward to bettering myself personally and professionally, I’m hoping that it will be in service to all you Mozillians!

[Side note: And, Mozillians…listen to Ray’s words. Let’s leave our legacy!]

One Response to “Taking the LEAD”

  1. Athena Katsaros July 11, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    Bring it on Mary! Your legacy, your strength, your tenacity and your not taking crap! Thanks for letting me witness your powerful declaration.

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