MozCamp LATAM: ¡Gracias + Obrigado!

9 May

Thanks to everyone for joining us in Buenos Aires for a truly magical MozCamp.  As with all MozCamps, this was a team effort and I’d like to especially thank Katherine Naszradi, our track leads (Winston Bowden and Havi Hoffman) and the MozCamp planning committee (Guillermo Movia, Santiago Hollman, Nukeador, Reuben Morais, and Gloria Meneses).  This list could go on and on – it truly embodied the spirit of ¡De Todos. Para Todos!

In order to wrap up the event, we’d like to get a few minutes of your help with the following:
  • Survey:  If you attended, please take a few minutes to let us know how we can make MozCamp even better with this survey.
  • Slides:  Please post your slides on your talk proposal on the wiki.
What’s next?  We’re working to review and finalize locations and dates for upcoming MozCamps.  Current schedule is shaping up to be:
  • September: MozCamp Europe
  • November:  MozCamp Asia
  • December: MozCamp Africa + Middle East
Reminder: We’re not hosting a Summit in July as in past years, but have opted to host more MozCamps in region where our volunteers are.  MozCamps aim to reward core contributors, as well as mentor and train them to help us bring our products and initiatives to market and Grow Mozilla.  This won’t be a direct replacement for the Summit and unfortunately, not all paid staff will get to attend one.  However, it provides paid and volunteer staff a unique look at active local community — their challenges, their motivations, and a bit of their culture.  It also reinforces that Mozilla extends far beyond North America.
Stay tuned for specific dates and locations in the next few weeks, as well as how you can help shape these upcoming MozCamps. We’ve already gotten some great feedback on how to make them even more useful!

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