Mozilla Volunteers: We want to hear from you!

18 Oct

As I mentioned in late summer, Contributor Engagement is knee deep in a contributor lifecycle audit with Dave Eaves.   Our charter as the Contributor Engagement team is to help grow Mozilla and this poses a challenge if we don’t step back and assess the experience of volunteers at Mozilla.  Enter the audit:  we aim to get a sense of why people do or don’t get involved with Mozilla, why or why they don’t complete a project, why they stay or leave, how we can make the whole experience better and more.

He’ll be providing a set of recommendations that will help us improve the contributor experience and polling our volunteers is absolutely critical to this exercise and will shape our efforts for the rest of 2011 and into 2012.  So if you’re a current or past contributor, please take some time to fill this survey out (  Be thoughtful, be candid.  Share it with your follow volunteers and get the word out.  Reponses should be in by Oct. 21st.  (Note: we’re in the process of ensuring that forums like surveys and townhalls are a regular happening.)

I appreciate your help with the survey and of course, all you do for Mozilla.  Let’s make contributing to Mozilla even more awesome splendid.





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