Contributor Engagement: New people, updates + more

31 Aug
The Contributor Engagement team, which aims to inspire and empower individuals to participate in Mozilla, has had a busy summer making strides on key projects such as Mozilla Reps and the Phonebook (not without the help of many teams of course!).  We also added three new team members:
Our overarching goal as a team is to grow contribution to Mozilla by an order of magnitude.  In order to get there we’ve had to step back and put some foundational pieces in place.  As such our topline goals for this summer and early fall are:
  • Launch the Mozillians community directory or phonebook which will be coming in September. This is critical to making the overall Mozilla community feel more connected and to provide baseline numbers such as how many contributors we have and in what functional areas and regions. We encourage everyone to signup for the launch alert here.
  • Continue to grow and train Mozilla Reps, key to extending leadership to the edges of the Mozilla Project and making it easier to advocate and represent Mozilla around the world. By summer over 250 core contributors joined the ranks with a goal of over 500 by the end of 2011.  Join today!
  • Launch a contributor lifecycle audit with the help of David Eaves to assess the experience of volunteers within the Mozilla sphere.  The aim here is to get a sense of why people do or not get involved with Mozilla, why or why they don’t complete a project, whether they stay on or not and more.  He’ll be providing a set of recommendations that will help us improve the contributor experience.  Stay tuned for surveys targeted at both paid staff and volunteers that will help fuel his research.

  • Kick off townhalls to discuss the many happenings and news within the Mozilla project, as well as improve our communications flow as we grow.  We’re currently working with Mitchell Baker on a series of townhalls with community leaders to discuss Mozilla in the new era and held our first last week with Europe.  We’ll be rolling out more in mid-September on this same topic and then jumping to a regular schedule on various pertinent topics.
These are just a few things that we’re working on.  You can check out Q3 goals for more information and our weekly video updates.  I’ll be posting much more regular updates.  We’re looking at a very exciting and busy fall – especially with the coming of MozCamp Europe (Berlin, November 12 – 13) and Asia (Kuala Lumpur, November 19 – 20).

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