Who’s ready for another launch? Catch Mobile on Air Mozilla!

29 Mar

I’m still reeling from the awesomeness that was and is the Firefox 4 for desktop launch last week.  Don’t get me wrong, setting a world record was pretty amazing — more than 8 million people mobilized to download Firefox in 24 hours.  What sets Firefox 4 apart for me is that the community of Mozillians is even more vibrant and diverse, and we’ve gained even more momentum past the first 24 hours.  It’s been a huge team effort and I’ve been lucky to work with so many bright, funny, thoughtful and passionate people.  If you missed the launch, here is an uncut snapshot.  [Editor’s note:  a shortened, open video-friendly version coming shortly.]

And, did I mention we get to do it all again tomorrow with Mobile?  You can catch the fun on Air Mozilla starting at 6:45 a.m. PDT on March 29th [check the timezone converter if needed].   See what goes on in our first wide-scale mobile launch and have your questions answered by the mobile team.  Join #airmozilla on irc.mozilla.org to post questions or tweet them to @firefox with the hashtag #airmoz.

In addition to Q&A, we’ll interview a host of Mozillians again!

Special thanks to Guillermo Huerta, Spencer Hui, Hilary Hall, Eljon Balangue, Julius Berry, Henry Langi, Matthew Claypotch and Eljon Balangue for making this happen, as well as all of our speakers and participants.

Note: We’re unable to use the HTML5 video tag in this particular case — the technology to support a high-volume live stream using open codecs simply doesn’t exist yet. Because we wanted to make the launch as inclusive as possible we made the decision to use the same video solution as the one used for Firefoxlive.org. We’ll ensure that the archived videos are available in open video formats.

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