Catch the Firefox 4 launch live!

22 Mar

Calling all Mozillians and Firefox fans!  Firefox 4 has been an incredible team effort and it’s your browser so we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience launch HQ activities.  We’ll broadcast from Air Mozilla starting at 6:30 a.m. PDT/2:30 p.m. CET/1:30 p.m. UTC on March 22nd.  Curious as to what actually happens during a launch?  Find out and get your questions answered live.  Join #airmozilla on to post questions or tweet them to @firefox with the hashtag #airmoz.

In addition to Q&A, we’ll interview a host of Mozillians from around the world, including Kenya, Argentina, Slovenia, The Philippines, Indonesia and more.  We even have a few surprises in store…

Ok…so maybe not an Oprah giveaway, but I guarantee fun.

Special thanks to Guillermo Huerta, Spencer Hui, Hilary Hall, Matthew Zeier, Michael Morgan, William Reynolds, Henry Langi and Eljon Balangue for pulling this together on such late notice!  As well as all of our speakers and participants.

Note: We’re unable to use the HTML5 video tag in this particular case — the technology to support a high-volume live stream using open codecs simply doesn’t exist yet. Because we wanted to make the launch as inclusive as possible we made the decision to use the same video solution as the one used for We’ll ensure that the archived videos are available in open video formats.

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