Marketing Survey: The results are in!

21 Apr

We set out this year to focus on growing marketing contribution — in particular, create new learning opportunities and ways to contribute, develop roles, create tools to help you promote and a better means of recognition.  Our first step was to figure out the size of the community marketing team, what sort of marketing work people are interested in and how we can improve the experience via a short survey.

The findings are now in — thanks to all 541 of you who took the time to fill out the survey!  William Reynolds and I will be publishing a few posts on the survey findings (stay-tuned for his Student Reps-specific writeup this week), but wanted to share the high-level findings and takeaways.

Who took it?

• 541 responses
• 367 Student Reps
• 60 countries
• Mostly new contributors

Who are “new” contributors?

Marketing Contributors: Years of contribution

What is the team interested in doing?

Areas of interest

We then took a look at these areas of interest vs. length of time with the project.  Some insights were:

New contributors (<2 years):

• are less likely to constantly promote Mozilla (70% vs 90%)
• want to gain marketing experience more than experienced contributors (17% vs 8%)
• are slightly less  passionate about promoting the Mozilla Mission (25% vs 32%)
• are somewhat less likely to consider themselves supporters of FOSS (30% vs 34%)
Experienced contributors:
• are more interested in guerrilla marketing (8% vs 4%)
• are more interested in facilitating or mentoring for the marketing team (9% vs 6%)


• 13% promote Mozilla to non-technical people
• 46% didn’t know about bi-weekly calls
• 7% interest in promoting Drumbeat

So what does this mean?  We need to focus on:

• encouraging the CMT to promote Mozilla to non-technical people, and provide them with the tools to do it.  We’re getting a start here with the Firefox Education kit, but can do a lot more.  We also need to investigate involving more passionate Mozilla and Firefox supporters from non-technical backgrounds.
• educating the CMT more about the Mozilla Mission and Drumbeat, making both easy to grasp and promote.
• educating new contributors about different marketing techniques (such as guerrilla marketing).  We’ve always excelled with our creative, noteworthy ideas — Firefox Crop Circle, anyone?
• creating more awareness about the bi-weekly calls…and of course, improving the overall experience of them.

2 Responses to “Marketing Survey: The results are in!”

  1. dmose2 April 27, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    This is really cool insight. Over in Messaging-land, I’m going to start doing some work on our architecture-of-participation soon, and I expect doing something like this is likely to be very helpful.


  1. Daily Cavalier » Blog Archive » Marketing Survey: Students speak up! - April 23, 2010

    […] Mary Colvig mentioned yesterday, we recently surveyed our community marketing team. And that of course includes our Campus Reps […]

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