Five years (+) of Firefox

15 Dec

I hate seeing good celebrations come to an end and luckily, we don’t have to quite yet for Five Years of Firefox.  The submission period for the Five Years of Firefox design challenge has ended, but now it’s

click the “I Vote for This button”. You aren’t limited to one vote — in fact, vote for as many designs as you like!  Just get them in before Dec. 31st.

There are a ton of designs to check out.  John Slater has pulled together some highlights in his blog post.  Here is his personal top 10 (in order of submission):

* Happy B-day Firefox, by lucero
* Firefox is 5, by milgaviel
* Speed Up, by hamu
* Firefox Fiesta, by minervagm
* Exploring the World, by dgwhite
* Five Years, by vinayak
* A Minimalistic Congratulation, by flyboy
* Simple and Effective, by creativedave63
* Celebrate With Us the FFF!, by xeryc
* Happy Birthday Firefox!, by followmedesign

He’s even provided a handy Flickr slideshow of the designs listed above.  Happy voting!

Five Years of Firefox by Lucero

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