Putting those hours spent on Facebook to good use!

27 Aug

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I’m sure you’ve all heard (just a few times) that Facebook and twitter can be a waste of time — but did you know that your hours spent using Social Media can help non-profits?  Social Media tools can greatly help an NPO connect with its community, donors and the general public – for free!

As you may know, we’re in the process of rolling out action templates for Mozilla Service Week for those that would like to create their own opportunities or need a little more flexibility   They’re sets of actions and resources that you can use to help non-profits, organizations and individuals improve their experience online and allow them to better leverage the Web.  This week’s template focuses on Social Media (Digital Marketing Template) and guides volunteers through setting up organizations with a preliminary social media marketing framework (see Chelsea Novak’s blog for more details).

Tara Shahian, Jeff Zeller and I conducted our first Social Media seminar this past Monday at Envision Schools. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it opened their eyes to new ways to use twitter, Facebook, Twibbon and more.  A few learnings:

  • Clarify upfront their goals and audiences — this will better shape the conversation and set of tools you recommend.
  • Not everyone has a built-in Social Media audience like Mozilla & Firefox.  We spent some time talking about how to build a base on twitter and Facebook.  It really helps to leverage existing communications channels such as newsletters and tapping into friends and supporters to get the word out.

Feel free to use my presentation and let me know if you have any feedback or want to share a “remix.”

We’re hoping these templates make it easier for you to act!  If you have any ideas on new ones or would like create some, please comment here.  A few ideas to keep in mind if you’d like to use these templates or others:

  • Take a moment to pledge your hours.
  • Share your plans or stories on Mozilla Service Week’s site — it will help provide inspiration for others.
  • Challenge your friends to do this as well using PledgeBank (i.e. I will perform 10 Internet Health Checks if 20 of my friends do so as well).

And, remember to have fun!

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