Firefox Launch: Help get the word out tomorrow!

29 Jun


We’re launching Firefox 3.5 tomorrow (June 30th), the fastest Firefox ever! Over the last few months we’ve talked a lot about how people can help promote Firefox 3.5 and already received a lot of interest and buzz thanks to our 130+ community marketing team. Just watch Vineel Reddy’s Firefox 3.5 video to get a sense of the excitement brewing.

You might be wondering how you can pitch in on the actual launch day.  Here’s a summary of all the ways you can help, but I wanted to call out a few things in particular:

Shiretoko Shock

Our campus reps came up with an awesome idea to create massive buzz on Twitter, Facebook, Mozillaca and more called “Shiretoko Shock.” (Shiretoko is the codename for Firefox 3.5, btw!) It’s going to require a little coordination, but it’s sure to make some noise.

Here’s what you do:

  • Regional shocks: Set your watch for 3:50 p.m.—to correspond to the new Firefox version number: 3.5. When it’s 3:50 p.m. (that’s 15:50 for those of you on 24-hr clocks) on launch day in your region make your move. We want you to tweet, blog, post to Facebook, and more. This will move around the world for 24 hours!
    • We’ll start at 3:50 p.m. in Brazil and move west, sending the Shock around the world one time zone after another.
  • Super Shock: The final Shock will be a biggie—the Super Shock—because we’ll all join in to celebrate at precisely the same time. No matter what time it is in your hometown, at 3:50 PM (BST) on Wednesday, July 1st, we’ll all go post crazy: tweeting, blogging, facebooking, and more! It will take place on:
    • Wednesday, July 1st
      • 11:50 AM Pacific (San Francisco)
      • 2:50 PM Eastern (New York)
      • 7:50 PM GMT (London)
      • 12:20 AM IST (New Dehli)
    • Thursday, July 2nd
      • 2:50 AM CST (Beijing)
      • 3:50 AM JST (Tokyo)

More details will be posted on Spread Firefox shortly.

Tracking our success

Throughout launch day and beyond we’ll need to track all of our promotional activity to see how we did and what worked. Please take a moment to fill out our activity tracker to share and collect:

  • Blog posts you created or found on Firefox 3.5
  • Mentions of Firefox 3.5 on Twitter, Facebook or Digg
  • Articles about Firefox 3.5 on news sites
  • Videos or photos related to Firefox 3.5
  • Details about Firefox 3.5 launch parties (this will be ongoing)
  • More!

Hoping you’ll help us get the word out tomorrow!  If you have any questions, the community marketing team will be hanging out in #marketing on all day.

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