Socializing Firefox 3.5!

30 May

Hope you enjoyed our Social Media presentation a few weeks back. We’ve posted the video and slides for your viewing pleasure. As most of you know Social Media (Facebook, Reddit, Digg, Orkut, etc) played a huge role in helping us set a Guinness World Record last year — it took word of mouth to a whole new level for us! For Firefox 3.5, we’re hoping to leverage Social Media once again to gain incredible reach and create awareness in even more regions!

Here are just a few ways to help:

  • Help us identify the most popular social networks (Orkut, Hi5, Facebook, etc.) in your region, as well as any Mozilla or Firefox-related groups they might have. Post them here.
  • Get the word out about Firefox when it launches:
    • Donate your status on Twitter, Facebook or (use #fx3.5)
    • Change your profile picture (i.e. the Firefox logo)
    • Help drive up Firefox-related stories on Digg or Reddit
    • Blog, blog, blog!
    • Don one of our new Affiliate buttons on your site or blog (coming soon…)
  • Create some buzz during the run up to Firefox 3.5 by promoting:
    • Our Fastest Firefox video campaign (our first video will be released on June 1)
    • Firefox 3.5 in 35 days which highlights the cool developer features in Firefox 3.5
    • The availability of Firefox 3.5 release candidates
  • Help energize our Facebook and Orkut pages (Tara Shahian has a great write up on our Facebook success)
    • Post pictures & comments
    • Share videos!

Let’s knock this launch out of the park! If you have any questions or need some help please find us in #marketing on

social media

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