A newer, fresher Spread Firefox is here!

1 May

Tonight we unveiled the new Spread Firefox design after a quarter of hard work!  This was an enormous team effort and you’ll notice a lot of great changes.  The original goals behind the redesign were to simplify the home page, make it more engaging and show some of the personality behind Firefox grassroots marketing.  We are also trying to make it a lot clearer for users on what to do and where to go next.  Here’s a recap of the major improvements.

In addition to the visual refresh and a whole slew of bug fixes, we rolled out new documentation — thanks to Lucy Connor —  to help people get started and contribute to Spread Firefox.   Documentation includes:

  • FAQ:  A new and improved FAQ that covers everything from creating an account to the various resources on the site.
  • Getting Started: Tips on how to get started contributing to Spread Firefox.
  • Project Guide: Suggestions on how to start your very own project to promote Firefox.

I want to give a huge shout out to everyone that helped, including:

  • Alex Buchanan
  • Jamey Boje
  • Stephen Donner
  • Krupa Raj
  • Akash Desai
  • Paul Booker
  • Otto de Voogd
  • Lucy Connor
  • Alix Franquet
  • Neil Lee
  • Ken Saunders
  • Paul Kim
  • Jay Patel
  • Jeremy Orem
  • Aravind Gottipati
  • Matthew Zeier
  • The Royal Order (our designers!)

Do you want to help too?  Here’s how:

  • Get the word out about our community site by blogging or tweeting
  • Join Spread Firefox or get your friends to
  • Start or contribute to a project
  • Become a Spread Firefox affiliate
  • Join the Spread Firefox team list for updates and opportunities to help with the site

Enjoy and stay tuned for opportunities to participate in the Firefox 3.5 launch!

2 Responses to “A newer, fresher Spread Firefox is here!”

  1. stephendonner May 1, 2009 at 9:27 am #

    Mary – once again, it was great working with you — congrats to all of us for finally shipping!


  1. A New & Improved Way to Spread Firefox | intothefuzz.com - May 1, 2009

    […] thanks to the Royal Order for designing the new site, and to Mary Colvig for organizing it all (not to mention the numerous others who worked tirelessly to make it happen). […]

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