Firefox 3.5 Launch: Events Workshop this Friday

30 Apr

William Quiviger and I have been busy dreaming up Friday’s workshop on how to host a Firefox 3.5 launch event.  It will be the first of many workshops to help ready our global marketing team for the launch.   Events have always been critical for Mozilla — helping to celebrate successes, such as a launch, garner awareness for Mozilla and Firefox, build community and draw in new members, and more!

We’ll cover the following:

  • Why events matter
  • How to participate
  • What types of events to host
  • How to find a venue
  • How to promote an event
  • What resources are available
  • How to track your success

Here are the details on joining:

  • Friday, May 1, 10:00 a.m. PDT/17:00 UTC
  • The workshop will be held on air mozilla
  • Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#
  • Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. If you’re outside the US, use Skype to call in with our toll-free number.
  • If you can’t join the call — but want to ask questions — you can join us in #marketing on IRC (

Please sign up on Spread Firefox.  We’ll be archiving the Air Mozilla episode and sharing the presentation if you can’t make it.  Looking forward to Friday!

See the fun you can have?

See the fun you can have?

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