A resolution I can get behind: Spreading Firefox!

6 Jan

I’m not really one to make New Year’s resolutions because, frankly,  I don’t keep them!   However, my colleague Alix shared this awesome initiative to introduce five people to Firefox in 2009.  I’m jumping on board and vow to:

  • Take more time to sit down and walk people through it! It’s one thing to tell people about Firefox or espouse its virtues, but a live tutorial goes farther.   I spent a good hour showing my Aunt Patty the in’s and out’s of bookmarking over Christmas.  As a researcher she is now completely sold on Firefox.
  • Expose the joy of add-ons. I’ve found that people have heard of add-ons, but haven’t necessarily tried them.  It’s been a lot of fun showing people add-ons that fit what they do on the Web —  things just seem to click.
  • Go beyond my circle. All of my friends and the people I interact with on semi-regular basis (my dentist, chircopractor, vet, hair stylist, mechanic, etc.) have heard my spiel.  While I have the distinct pleasure of helping market Firefox at my day job, I plan on putting more effort into introducing Firefox to new people in my “off hours.” One thought is sitting down at Starbucks with a sign or laptop sticker reading, “Have questions about Firefox?  Ask me!”   Sort of hokey, but why not?!

This campaign serves as a great reminder that nothing tops face-to-face interaction and word of mouth to spread Firefox.  There’s even a Facebook group.  Keep up the great work!

One Response to “A resolution I can get behind: Spreading Firefox!”

  1. macmurphy66 January 10, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    Great post!

    I’m a Safari user and Camino sometimes simply because of the integration with the keychain. I’ll give FF a try!!


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