Where were you when…

19 Dec

…you first became aware of the man (or some might say deity) that is Ken Kovash?  That’s the question going around today on the 2nd Annual Ken Kovash Day.  For me, it’s not hard to recall.  It’s up there with the great milestones of both my personal life and generation — the day I first met my husband (Crissy Field, 2002), where I was when Princess Di and Prince Charles got married (glued in front of the TV, 1981), my first email account (Roble Hall, Stanford, 1994), getting a perfect 10 at the Academic Decathlon’s Super Quiz (Hawthorne, 1994), and so on.

It was June 11, 2007 and Ken just started at Mozilla.  I had no idea that it would be a turning point in my life — especially when I first laid eyes on him.  I looked up from the clutter of my desk and saw a very upright and tight lipped Ken donned in a button down and khakis.  My first reaction was who dares bring “business casual” to Mozilla?!   Ken Kovash does, that’s who.

And, my life has never been the same.  When I want to just feel smarter, I go and hover around him and his lone PC, or when I’m cold I just wander in his direction and get warmed by his glow.  Here’s to celebrating Mr. Ken Kovash today!

Simply beatific!

Simply beatific!

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