NLID: A “green-er-er” Christmas

6 Dec

Per The Giant Spatula, “No Laundry in December” kicks off on Monday, Dec. 8th!  Dig up all your old school Mozilla and Firefox shirts — it’s time to flaunt them and lay off the laundry for as long as your supply of shirts lasts.  I am pretty darn excited:

  • Can’t wait to see the shirts that make an outing
  • I get to maximize my weekday sleep time even more — shower, shirt, jeans, GO!
  • Add-ons Open House:  A prize for the most unusual or oldest Mozilla shirt.
  • Add-on-Con: I will be setting aside something special for people that show up to Add-on-Con in a Mozilla or Firefox shirt.  Just swing by our table 🙂

Again, track your shirts by taking a photo and tagging them with “NLID” and “spreadfirefox.”

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  1. NLID: Join the Movement | - December 8, 2008

    […] is the first day of the No Laundry in December crusade (details at Giant Spatula; more details at Chicks Who Click). It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a genuine […]

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