Online Shopping: Putting Firefox to work!

4 Dec

[Editor’s note: I meant to get this out before Cyber Monday, but just like my approach to Christmas shopping I am behind the ball!]

Frankly, I get a little freaked out by large retail establishments so online shopping is the answer to my prayers.  And, Firefox and add-ons are pretty much the frosting on the cake!  I thought I’d share a few specific tips:


Sounds obvious, right?  Prior to Firefox 3, my bookmark collection looked much like my desk.  Total disarray.  Thanks to Firefox 3’s bookmark tags,  I’ve bookmarked all my favorite shopping sites (which is a snap!) and tagged them with words such as “jewelry,” “home,” “clothes,” “dresses,” and “xmas” to easily find them again. I’ve created a group of items that I’d like to buy by bookmarking and tagging them with “wishlist.” I can type “wishlist” into my URL bar (or the Awesome bar as we affectionately call it here) and a drop down menu starts pulling up these items. I periodically check to see if they are on sale.


Deb Richardson created some great directions on bookmarking and tagging in Firefox 3.

Making shopping social:

I’ll admit I love the occasional stroll with friends through Hayes Valley or Union Street (don’t hate me!) for some retail therapy.  You definitely miss this component going online, but one of my current add-on faves — Shareaholic — brings this back into the picture.  Using Shareaholic I can send links of items I love to Delicious, a shared bookmark site, or directly to a friend or even drop a hint to my husband.  No need to open my email and cut and paste a link!

Fashion Your Firefox:

Where to begin!  There are so many great shopping add-ons here — in fact, a whole Shopaholic section.  A couple of faves are RetailMeNot and PriceAdvance.  Some less obvious ones to save you time and even money:

  • Interclue: Provides a sneak peek which is super helpful when you’re doing a Google search for a product and don’t want to waste time clicking on each link.
  • ReminderFox: Set reminders on when to buy certain items by and when to get others out in the mail.  Hoping to avoid costly last minute shipping this year!
  • Sxipper: Remembers your usernames and passwords! I’ve lost track of all my online shopping accounts (sorry, hubs!) and used to have to go through the various hurdles to retrieve them.  No more!

Hope you find these helpful and would love to hear any tips you might have!

One Response to “Online Shopping: Putting Firefox to work!”

  1. rj5001 December 4, 2008 at 7:44 pm #

    If you’re buying a bunch of gift cards this year, just bookmark this one site… it links to all major retailers gift card purchasing points. Very cool. It’s

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