Spread Firefox Redesign…comps just in!

10 Nov

I’ve had the opportunity to help guide a light redesign of the Spread Firefox home page.  The main goals are to really simplify the home page, make it more engaging and show some of the personality behind Firefox grassroots marketing.  We are also trying to make it a lot clearer for users on what to do and where to go next.  I’m working with The Royal Order, the folks behind the new mozilla.com, and they’ve provided some initial designs.

Comp 1:  This aims to be super straightforward and clear.

Comp 1 - SFx Redesign

Comp 1 - SFx Redesign

Comp 2:  The aim here is to showcase some personality and be more human.  The concept is a community board.

Comp 2 - SFx redesign

Comp 2 - SFx redesign

Comp 3:  This is actually a design from the Mozilla.com redesign process.  It’s a little more futuristic, but also aims to show the folks behind Spread Firefox.

Comp 3 - SFx redesign

Comp 3 - SFx redesign

If you’d like to provide feedback please leave a comment or join our design review call tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 10th at 9:30 a.m. PST.  Dial-in is 650-903-0800, ext 92, id 248 or 800-707-2533, password 369, ext 92, id 248.

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