When Internet memes and moms collide…

14 Oct

Since it became apparent that my husband was going to keep me around for a while his mom kindly added me to her email forward list.  As if 10 forwards a day from my mom weren’t enough 😉  Moms are crazy for them!  Jean (Craig’s mom) and Big Mary’s (my mom) forwards run the gamut of:

  • Sisterhood: Sister day is every day!
  • Get rich schemes: Hey girls – Let’s see if this works! Bill Gates will pay you for forwarding this email!
  • Any and every cute animal picture out there…especially the cross species friendships:  The crow & kitten was a big hit.
  • The Irish Blessing:  Why save it for St. Patrick’s day?!  Just keep on sending it – every other day preferably!
  • Why women are better than men:  Heck, these are always welcome 😉
  • Cat diary vs. dog diary:  This one has been hitting my in-box since ’98.
  • …and more!

But today was a true milestone…I came upon a “Fwd: http://icanhascheezburger.com/” from Jean.  All sarcasm aside it was cute to see how delighted everyone was by it.  What will they discover next?!

One Response to “When Internet memes and moms collide…”

  1. zhaniswolf October 15, 2008 at 12:38 am #

    I get forwards more from my friends and other relatives than my mom, but if her computer was actually running right, that probably wouldn’t be the case. I love the “any and every cute animal picture out there” forwards. I also get those “tag” forwards (or hugs, or kisses, etc). And don’t forget the religious “don’t pass this on if you don’t believe in God” forwards. Then the “something great will happen to you if you pass this on to eleven friends.” I just like the jokes. The funny forwards. I like the cute dirty forwards, even. I hate the dumb ones that only say to pass this on and something good will happen to you. But anyway; good blog lol.

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